The most modern videoLMS designed for today and for tomorrow

Gmply is a solution to meet the needs of the new generation workforce & workflow. It allows you to create interactive video training. It provides a powerful user-management system that lightens your workload. It enables you to target and reach detailed training analytics in real time. Gmply is flexible too. Use just as much, as you need.

GmPly Composer

Create your own interactive videos

GmPlyComposer  allows you to turn your presentations and videos into interactive videos. You may import them into your LMS or use them in Gmply videoLMS. It’s fast and simple. User guide is only 3 pages System onboarding workshop takes around 60 minutes at most. Creating is easy with Gmply.

User Management System

Manage your training easily

GmPly videoLMS provides comfort on assigning training. There are several different types of assigning models that you can choose from. Create sub-admins so that manage thousands of employees’ training journey with only one person. Conduct your talent and career planning programs in Gmply. Managing is easy with Gmply.


Get detailed analytics in real-time

In GmPly videoLMS İt’s easy to monitor and report the success of the training, and the success of the participants in real-time and in detail. Did they accept the training? Did they complete the training? Choises and beliefs. Competency levels, Trend analysis, All is monitored and reported. Know your employees better with Gmply


Use interactive video training in your existing LMS

Use GmplyComposer and create your interactive training. Export your interactive training as a SCORM zip file from GmplyComposer and start using it in your existing LMS. If you need to do an update later on the training, no worries, you don’t have to do the same process again. Just go back to GmplyComposer, make the change and click save. Training will be updated instantly in your LMS. Updating is easy with Gmply

Protect your investment

Meet corporate DNA

Business is dynamic, everything is changing. The workflow, the product, motto, brand, campaign, technology. CorporateDNA enables you to update the training within minutes. So that the training evolves with you and the company. The best part is; When you update the training past scores of the training stays intact. Gmply protects your investment.

Assign training to field staff easily

SMS Module

Z generation doesn’t use e-mail. Some employees don’t know that they have an email account. Some employees don’t have a corporate email. If you can’t assign training by email, assign it via SMS. Use it as a notification too. Reaching out employees is easy with GmPly.

Continue the training from where you’ve left

It works on every device, you don’t need to download any app

You can access training on every platform. Tablet, desktop, laptop or mobile Start your training from a desktop, resume on the mobile, finish on the tablet. GmPly remembers where you left the training you start from where you’ve left even after many days. No escape from the training with Gmply.

Gamification ready!

Gamify the training

It’s easier to create gamification dynamics in the training. Gmply provides leaderboard for each training so that you can create Quiz shows, contests, journeys to foster positive competition among the participants. Gamification is easy with Gmply.

Happy Customers

Gmply number of active users and the number of customers is the most preferred interactive video platform in Turkey.

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