Welcome Trainers

Interactive videos are the next step in online training and are superior to in-class and conventional online learning in terms of engagement, measurability and retention. This also means that, the producing content for an e-learning platform and offering it as a service, far exceeds the financial and operational capabilities of individual trainers and instructors, as well as small businesses and corporate education companies.

Gameplay allows trainers and instructors to easily create their own interactive learning content through a user-friendly interface absolutely no coding or web development skills required.

Gameplay enables trainers and instructors to reach far more people, than it would have been possible to reach through face-to-face interaction and in class trainings or seminars, without having to sacrifice a bilateral relationship between the trainer and the learner.

Through Gameplay’s marketplace, individuals can offer their content to customers and organizations all around the world, and reach a customer base, which would have been hardly accessible to them otherwise. Gameplay’s SaaS model allows trainers and instructors to obtain feedback and assessment data, which without the help of a third party, would have been too costly, inconvenient or even near impossible to acquire following a conventional or online training.

Trainers will have the opportunity to reach learners without networking contacts or arranging meetings with clients and will receive their shares per user-license through Gameplay’s simple business model, without the need to track payments or invoices. Simply fill out the form below and register to become our business partner and to get your trainer user manual.

After logging in, you can immediately begin creating your own interactive online trainings using our simple trainer interface and dashboard. Once you have successfully created your content, you can offer it to your clients choosing one of Gmply’s simple business models:

Enterprise: It allows you to create a private marketplace where only invitees can see your content. You can offer your trainings to as many clients as you like by licensing from Gmply on a per-seat over a fixed fee and license to your B2B customers by determining your ticket price.

Marketplace : We will soon be launching our marketplace where you would have the opportunity to publish your trainings on a global B2B online learning platform. This business model allows you to determine your ticket price of however many tickets or licenses are sold. You’ll receive the remaining balance after Gmply’s commission is deducted.