Corporate Companies

Gmply offers you the most effective interactive online training technology -for free! With GmPly you have the option to either create your own interactive trainings or request from your corporate education solution partner to design courses for your organization on GmPly's online platform. GmPly is directly accessible via your web browser and does not require any installation. Its SaaS model allows you to easily create your own online interactive courses for free and use the next generation of learning experience in your organization with an annual pay per user licensing system.

GmPly offers Simplicity and Clarity.

GmPly allows you to devise your own interactive trainings without any need for prior technical knowledge or skill. If you are able to send an email from your computer, then you can create your own content using GmPly with ease! If your learners have watched any videos on any device before, that means you're all set. It is the only skill required to start learning with GmPly. It is really that simple!

GmPly is much more than a software, it redefines online video trainings. Trainings designed with GmPly's Learn&Go approach will allow you to;

- Boost engagement by %700.*
- Increase completion rate up to 90%.* Trainings designed with Learn&Go approach will be more fun and compelling to watch and participate, resulting in significantly better completion rates.
- Improve retention by 22%.*
- Make individual and group assessments. No more need for post-training assessments and surveys!
- View top -and low- performers.
- Build modular trainings. E.g. you can divide your retail sales training into chapters such as welcoming customers, browsing products, cross selling etc. and monitor performances for each module separately.
- COMING SOON: Gamification plugin.

GmPly's interface allows you to import users with a simple excel (.csv) file. GmPly doesn't not require any additional software, neither to create nor watch any trainings on any device. Request a Demo now! Watch our videos to see how easy it is to use GmPly. Or simply refer us to your education solution partner and we will contact them for you. Fill out the form below to start enjoying the benefits of interactive online trainings now.